Tuesday, July 3, 2012

And it's back to the classroom I go!

So I know I've been MIA lately... and I might continue to be that way for the next few weeks. Since we have last spoken, I've learned that I'm going to be teaching KINDERGARTEN next year!!! It's been a lifelong dream of mine! Even though I taught a couple of years ago, I wasn't a homeroom teacher so I never really felt like I had accomplished my goal!

I had pretty much given up on the dream considering how difficult it's been for me to get a teaching job in Lubbock during the 4 years that I've been trying. I went to a couple of interviews this summer but assumed they would choose someone with more experience as usual. Much to my amazement, I ended up getting offered two jobs in one day! It wasn't even a contest - I took the kindergarten position. I was and still am so ecstatic!!

I know some people probably think I'm insane for switching jobs THREE times in the past year, but I've always considered the jobs that I've had since college "temporary jobs" until I could finally land a job as a classroom teacher. Naturally, I've never done this before (and I feel so far removed from the things that I learned in college) so I've been spending every free minute planning. I have absolutely no idea where to even begin. I sure hope I can figure it out somehow because I want my future kinder babies to have the most amazing experience during their first year of school!

I will be teaching at one of the oldest Elementary Schools in town. This is actually the last year that the building will be used because they're in the process of building a brand new school. I'm trying to keep the idea of only being in this classroom for one year in mind since I tend to go overboard sometimes.

Here is my overwhelmingly blank slate. I don't even have furniture yet!

Yep. I've got a longggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg way to go. And that doesn't even include planning the things that have to do with actual learning!

Due to insurance reasons I'm keeping my current job all the way through August 1st, so it's going to be a mad dash to the finish line after that! Who said teachers get summers off?? I'll show you the "after" pictures if I can ever get there. :)

Hope everyone has a very happy 4th!!