Friday, April 13, 2012

The Organization Freak's Dream

I know that most people aren't quite as obsessed with organization as I am, but even if you're not... you need to get Evernote. I downloaded it on my computer and iPhone about 2 years ago but I didn't know what it was for so I never used it. THEN a few weeks ago I saw an article about it and quickly decided it was the most amazing program in the whole wide world (and it's free!!). I wanted to share about it with you since it's been such a helpful tool for me. I use it every single day!

It's kind of like your own personal inspiration box (sort of like Pinterest but way better and way more useful). I use it to collect ideas, projects, recipes, photos, shopping reminders, and to plan events. It has a search feature that will allow me to easily find things later. Best of all, I can access all of my clippings online from any computer.

Whenever I find a recipe online that I like, all I have to do is copy and paste the information on a new page (as-is... with the picture and everything!). It's so easy to use it's not funny. The program automatically inserts the link to the original web page in case you ever want to find it again.

It would be extremely helpful for helping you organize your business if you have one, but I think it's great for personal use too.

A few more things you can use it for:
- To do lists
- Compiling business cards
- Saving articles
- Scanned tax documents
- Audio recordings
- Sharing projects with classmates
- Research
- Vacation Planning
- Project planning

Love love love it. Can you tell? I could keep going on about it but you might as well just see for yourself.

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bee said...

Isn't technology awesome!