Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I know you're all going to faint with shock when I tell you this great news...

I finally found a Maxi Dress that isn't 17 inches too long for me!!!!!!!!

In all seriousness though, it really is quite amazing. I've always wanted one and have tried on a couple dozen in the past couple of years but it's never worked out. Yes, I could get out my sewing machine and make it work, but who wants to do that??

THIS ONE FIT ME PERFECTLY! Take THAT you 5'6" people with your perfect height.

So if you're short as all get-out, go to Target (but don't bother trying on any of the other long dresses because they'll be too long). :)

Which reminds me of that time that I vowed to stop buying clothes at stores such as Target and focus on only buying a few high-quality staple items. It was a really great plan and worked well for me in the winter but now that it's hot outside it's not working out so well. I sold 90% of my summery dresses and now I'm discovering that I have nothing to wear to work every day. GENIUS. A few "staple" dresses just really won't cut it because you can't swap up your outfit with layering in the summer like you can in the winter.

My only plausible solution is to buy some cheap-o dresses to get me through. I'm even considering making a visit to Forever 21. Please forgive me for breaking my own rules (and don't mention the fact that 90% of the dresses I buy will probably end up in next year's garage sale).

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