Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The best hair products. Of all time.

We all know that I am a super weird control freak about my hair. I'm so protective of it that I stress for weeks before each professional hair cut/dye. Yet, a couple of weeks ago I had no qualms about going to Sally's, mixing up some random packages of creams and brown dye and painting it all over my head without hesitation. Then last weekend I realized that I haven't had a real hair cut since October so I promptly took the mirror with me to the front porch and cut THREE inches off of my hair on a whim.

And worse. If I were a Dave Ramsey fan, he would certainly banish me to a far away island if he ever saw me buying hair products. I don't have much to say for myself other than once I stuck my toes into the water of professional hair products I just couldn't imagine going back. I never thought it could make that big of a difference but it REALLY does.

I used to have to wash my hair every single day because it looked too oily and had no life if I tried to go an extra day. Now I wash my hair twice a week and it seems just as clean and lively on Day Four as it does on Day One. I'd say that makes up for any extra money that I spend on the products that make it possible!!

So here's the recipe for only washing your hair once every four days ;) :

My favorites on the hair washing days...

I spray it in my hair after I towel it dry. It detangles, smooths, restores moisture balance, nourishes, improves color vibrancy, etc.

Next I use this all over my hair to help hold the style.

Then I spray this on my roots for volume.

My favorites that I use every day...

I spread a couple of drops of this over my hair when it's dry before I use my straightener/curling iron.

I use this to smooth away the fly-aways around my part.

And the hair product that I give the most credit to for making it possible to go four days between washes...
I think I've told everyone I know about this stuff. I've tried a ton of different dry shampoos. This is the ONLY one that you want to use. The pure amazingness of it makes me so so happy. Even if you don't want to use any other professional hair products, you really need to be using this one!

So there you have it. The lazy man's guide to pretty hair. Hopefully I'll be back again soon! It's been a CRAZY couple of weeks. It's that time of the semester/school year where things at work absolutely never slow down. I've had so many blogs I've wanted to start writing but so little time to actually make it happen! Woe is me.

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texasholls said...

The Dave Ramsey comment made me laugh out loud.