Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I might be obsessed with flower beds.

It's been about 80 degrees in the Lbk this week so you KNOW summer has been on my mind. Although anything having to do with pools or beaches takes first place on my summer agenda, flower beds have always taken a close second. I just love a pretty flower bed and there's something so calming about spending a few hours a week watering and nurturing it.

THIS is going to be a special summer because it's my first summer as a homeowner. This means that any hard work that I put into the flower beds this year will benefit me next year as well. I'm so anxious to get out there and get started but this IS West Texas so I don't want to jump the gun (you can bet I'll be out there this weekend prepping though).

Just because I have to wait a few weeks to start planting doesn't mean I can't start planning. Yesterday at work I spent about two hours a couple of seconds (most of the world is on Spring Break sooooo I figure I deserve a little goofing off time:) researching plants that will thrive in this area and scouring Pinterest for inspiration.





Better Homes and Gardens even has free downloadable Garden Plans that include a mapped out plan and a planting list. Amazing.

Did I mention that we are about to be put under some extreme water restrictions? I'm talking no washing cars in the driveway and only watering ONCE per week. And we never got around to planting the grass in half of our backyard last year so we are still planning on doing that somehow. Yeah. Yikes.

A smart person would probably just plant some cactus and call it a day.

I do adore succulents though. No doubt that a few of them will be making an appearance.



I'm usually all about annuals but I don't think they're going to make it in 100+ temps without water so I'm going to try my hand at some tough perennials in the flower beds. Plus they'll come back on their own next year. It will be like the gift that keeps on giving!

{A list of the 16 best drought-tolerant perennials via}

{Perennials that thrive in Zone 7 via}

But don't worry, no drought will stop me from planting at least a few annuals in my plethora of pots.



Ahh. I can hardly wait.

And if you happen to drive by my house at midnight sometime this summer and see me in my yard dressed in all black... watering my plants all stealth-like... please be a doll and don't call the cops.


Ashlyn | Let It Be Beautiful said...

love all these flowers -- so pretty! makes me want to start a garden.

happy wednesday
xx :: ashlyn

let it be beautiful

Holly said...

I really like the 4th photo down. :) Also, LOL at you watering your garden like a ninja! That's really funny. :P

Erin O'Riordan said...

Did you get so excited about spring, you wet your plants?

bee said...

I love flowers and plants too. I have always dreamed of having a flower garden like some shown here. You are creative and I can't wait to see what you do with your outdoor space this summer.

Sarah E. said...

I'm so glad it's spring and everything is starting to bloom and I can garden again - there is something about all the colors and smells that just makes me a happy girl!

Love all the flower beds!