Tuesday, March 20, 2012

DIY Hanging Window Frame with Chicken Wire

There's been a huge wall in my house that has been sitting around collecting dust because I've had a really hard time finding a large enough (or cheap enough) piece of art to hang there that flows with my decorating scheme. I was wasting some time on my lunch break one day walking around a craft mall in town when I spotted an old window frame that was the PERFECT size and had a price tag of a whopping $12.00. The glass was missing but we all have our flaws.

I didn't know what I was going to do with it but I bought it. I mean... it was twelve bucks. Then I tossed it in the guest bedroom and kind of forgot about it for a few weeks.

The empty wall wouldn't stop glaring at me though, so I finally decided to get my act together and whipped something up. :)

Old Window Frame
Chicken Wire
Wire Cutters
Spray Paint
Staple Gun

I unrolled my chicken wire and used the wire cutters to cut it to size. I had to use two different pieces since my frame is really big.

I didn't like the ugly silver color of the chicken wire so I shopped the garage for some spray paint and decided to go with a hammered bronze color.

After the paint dried I grabbed the frame and a staple gun and went to town.

This process wasn't as simple as it should have been because I made the mistake of cutting my chicken wire to fit a little TOO perfectly. I should have left some excess wire so my staples would have actually had something to grip on to. I was out of spray paint though and there was no chance in you-know-what that I was going to go to the store for another can so I could re-do my sections of chicken wire. 

Improvise people, improvise. 
(Or better yet just learn from my mistakes so you won't find yourself in the garage trying to suppress your screams of frustration so your neighbors won't think you're a freak.)

Luckily it all worked out in the end. The frame and I... we both made it out alive.

And now that old empty wall isn't quite as empty anymore.

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Sarah Huffman said...

I'm requesting a picture of the room that it's in for a better visual. :)