Friday, March 23, 2012


I can't believe this will be the 3rd year of my little bloggity blog's life. We've had our ups and downs... from periods of time when I have posted every single day to times when I have only blogged two or three times in a month. Every year around this time I get fed up with my blog design and have to do a major makeover.

I'm no graphic designer by ANY means, but I do at least like to think each of my headers have been better than the last!



And 2012!

I love it but thank goodness it's done. I swear I would make the slowest graphic designer in the entire world. 

Happy WEEKEND!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Under Construction.

You might have noticed that my blog template has been doing all sorts of funky things over the past few days. I've been trying to change some things up. I'm working on a new header right now (finally!!) so please don't judge me for all of the weird things that you see going on currently. Justttt a temporary fix that has ended up hanging around for longer than I had intended for it to. Shocking I know. :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My {Future} Boutique

I’ve told you before about how badly I want to have my own creative business someday and how many countless hours of my life I’ve spent researching and planning these imaginary businesses. I want so badly to believe that I’ll actually take a leap of faith one day and just DO SOMETHING about my dreams. After all, I’ve got all 3 or 4 different business options planned out nearly to a T. Unfortunately you will probably never hear the words ‘risk taker’ used to describe me. And, as it turns out, dropping everything and opening your own business is a HUGE risk.

So I don’t know if it’s ever going to happen. :(

But that doesn’t stop me from planning and planning.

My #1 dream is to own my own little clothing boutique someday. (It’s also the business idea that scares me the most.) If I could just find someone who is as passionate about it as I am to be my business partner I would probably take the leap in a heartbeat though. I’ve done my research. I know exactly what I want my boutique to be. I’m just not at a point in my life where I feel like I want to take this huge risk on my own.

Someday I will convince one of my friends to love clothes and retail as much as I do. Someday.

Here are some pins that have helped to inspire my vision…














Like what you see? Great. Come open a boutique with me!

Just kidding.

But seriously.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

DIY Hanging Window Frame with Chicken Wire

There's been a huge wall in my house that has been sitting around collecting dust because I've had a really hard time finding a large enough (or cheap enough) piece of art to hang there that flows with my decorating scheme. I was wasting some time on my lunch break one day walking around a craft mall in town when I spotted an old window frame that was the PERFECT size and had a price tag of a whopping $12.00. The glass was missing but we all have our flaws.

I didn't know what I was going to do with it but I bought it. I mean... it was twelve bucks. Then I tossed it in the guest bedroom and kind of forgot about it for a few weeks.

The empty wall wouldn't stop glaring at me though, so I finally decided to get my act together and whipped something up. :)

Old Window Frame
Chicken Wire
Wire Cutters
Spray Paint
Staple Gun

I unrolled my chicken wire and used the wire cutters to cut it to size. I had to use two different pieces since my frame is really big.

I didn't like the ugly silver color of the chicken wire so I shopped the garage for some spray paint and decided to go with a hammered bronze color.

After the paint dried I grabbed the frame and a staple gun and went to town.

This process wasn't as simple as it should have been because I made the mistake of cutting my chicken wire to fit a little TOO perfectly. I should have left some excess wire so my staples would have actually had something to grip on to. I was out of spray paint though and there was no chance in you-know-what that I was going to go to the store for another can so I could re-do my sections of chicken wire. 

Improvise people, improvise. 
(Or better yet just learn from my mistakes so you won't find yourself in the garage trying to suppress your screams of frustration so your neighbors won't think you're a freak.)

Luckily it all worked out in the end. The frame and I... we both made it out alive.

And now that old empty wall isn't quite as empty anymore.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I might be obsessed with flower beds.

It's been about 80 degrees in the Lbk this week so you KNOW summer has been on my mind. Although anything having to do with pools or beaches takes first place on my summer agenda, flower beds have always taken a close second. I just love a pretty flower bed and there's something so calming about spending a few hours a week watering and nurturing it.

THIS is going to be a special summer because it's my first summer as a homeowner. This means that any hard work that I put into the flower beds this year will benefit me next year as well. I'm so anxious to get out there and get started but this IS West Texas so I don't want to jump the gun (you can bet I'll be out there this weekend prepping though).

Just because I have to wait a few weeks to start planting doesn't mean I can't start planning. Yesterday at work I spent about two hours a couple of seconds (most of the world is on Spring Break sooooo I figure I deserve a little goofing off time:) researching plants that will thrive in this area and scouring Pinterest for inspiration.





Better Homes and Gardens even has free downloadable Garden Plans that include a mapped out plan and a planting list. Amazing.

Did I mention that we are about to be put under some extreme water restrictions? I'm talking no washing cars in the driveway and only watering ONCE per week. And we never got around to planting the grass in half of our backyard last year so we are still planning on doing that somehow. Yeah. Yikes.

A smart person would probably just plant some cactus and call it a day.

I do adore succulents though. No doubt that a few of them will be making an appearance.



I'm usually all about annuals but I don't think they're going to make it in 100+ temps without water so I'm going to try my hand at some tough perennials in the flower beds. Plus they'll come back on their own next year. It will be like the gift that keeps on giving!

{A list of the 16 best drought-tolerant perennials via}

{Perennials that thrive in Zone 7 via}

But don't worry, no drought will stop me from planting at least a few annuals in my plethora of pots.



Ahh. I can hardly wait.

And if you happen to drive by my house at midnight sometime this summer and see me in my yard dressed in all black... watering my plants all stealth-like... please be a doll and don't call the cops.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Jake!!

Jake is ONE today! 

Even though it's been a crazy year filled with countless hours of trying to make sure that this giant of a creature will become a very calm and respectful adult doggie, I wouldn't trade a single minute of the time I've invested over the past several months. We still have a long way to go :), but I know that I will miss these 18 months of puppyhood when they're gone.

Looking back at pictures from the past year kills me every time. Where has this year gone? Why did he have to grow up so fast????

I remember the days when I could pick him up whenever I wanted.

Jake was so happy when my sister and her hubby decided to give a home to one of his brothers. His name is Sam. Happy Birthday Sammy!!

After that he started growing up really fast.

...And before I knew it, I couldn't pick him up anymore. 

(I sort of feel like I'm reading The Giving Tree.)

Now he's pushing 100 lbs and still growing. Wahhhh. They grow up too fast.

Happy Birthday, Jakey! I am so glad that you are a part of my world. You have blessed my life so much already. I have learned as much from you as you've learned from me. You are always smiling and happy... even when I get frustrated with you and you can't understand what you've done wrong. I think you're the happiest dog I've ever met. I'm so happy that I chose you out of the litter that day. I hope we get to spend many, many more long years together.
Please don't ever stop smiling.