Thursday, February 9, 2012

Things were so much easier when he didn't weigh 85 pounds.

On Tuesday evening (in polar-like temperatures mind you) I decided to attempt to use my tri-pod to get some cute updated pictures of Jake and I together...

Yeah. Turns out that didn't go over very well. I wish I could say these pictures were a joke. Love this dog but bless his heart (I love the "bless so-and-so's heart" phrase. I laugh every time). 

To Jake's credit his maturity level is improving every day. I'm 100% certain that once he reaches that coveted 18 month mark he's going to be the most wonderful dog in the world.

Until then... I probably won't be attempting another photo shoot. :)

1 comment:

bee said...

These are hilarious! Dogs and children do not often cooperate with photo shoots. ha You're cute though. : )