Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Recipe for Morning Disaster

Today has been one of THOSE mornings. A domino effect of unfortunate events all due to one tiny mishap in my morning routine. Sometimes that's all it takes.

6:26am - My alarm goes off. I note that my throat is, indeed, still sore after 6 consecutive days straight and really just want to go back to sleep. Tell myself that there are only 3 more days after this one of getting up freakishly early. Get out of bed.

6:36am - Get in the shower. My mood has drastically improved over the past 10 minutes. Although I hate those few minutes after my alarm goes off, I'm always good to go shortly thereafter.

7:20am - Running a little behind on my schedule but that's typical. T-minus 15 minutes until I need to be out the door and I still have to get dressed and fix my hair.

7:22am - Go in the closet and grab the clothes that I picked out last night. I get to wear a new shirt today! Consider trying on the outfit before cutting off the tags, but decide against it because I really don't have any extra time and I tried the shirt on at the store.

7:24am - Quickly realize that the shirt really doesn't look cute with leggings like I had imagined. Uh oh. This might not be good.

7:25am - Forced to start doing my hair because I only have 10 minutes til I need to leave. All the while trying to figure out what in the world I'm going to wear now.

7:35am - Go time. But now I have to pick out a new outfit. And I don't just pick out my outfits at the drop of a hat. Shoot. This is not good not good not good.

7:39am - Throwing on all sorts of things. Everything is hideous. Tears start coming.

7:42am - Taken this too far. Will have to settle for whatever I try on next, which ends up being a shirt that I haven't worn in a good 3 or 4 years.

7:43am - Have to hang up 7 shirts that are strewn all over the closet because I've never been the type to allow myself to leave without cleaning up a mess first.

7:48am - Get in the car. Still crying. Makeup is now ruined.

8:11am - Arrive at work 11 minutes late. Makeup has big streaks. Notice that this shirt is really not long enough to be wearing with leggings. (Serious question: Do the majority of people consider leggings to be pants? Or do people think leggings are merely tights?)

8:30am - Walk to cafeteria for my coke. Pull down my shirt a thousand times in the process. People in line at the ice machine are slow as Christmas. Everyone walking down the hall seems to have nothing on their mind but to see how slow they can walk. Pull down shirt again.

... You get the picture. You probably got the picture a million hours ago.

Moral of the story? I should never dream up a cute outfit in my head again without trying it on the night before. I'm just not that talented.

I will now go live with my punishment of uncomfortableness and self-consciousness.


Mandell said...

I crappy outfit will definitely ruin a day. man, I hate that SO much! And I'm with you...if you're wearing leggings your shirt MUST cover your butt (unless of course you're wearing a T or something not so publically) - I wind up only wearing them with dresses only...dang heigth! Hope your day gets better!!

Jenna said...

Thanks!! So true that a crappy outfit can ruin a day - def considering going home at lunch to change. I'm sure my co-workers won't find that strange at all. :)