Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pallet Ninjas

Andrea & I dressed up for an important mission: Operation Wooden Pallets. 
Apparently taking pallets from behind stores like Walmart or United is considered theft. Who knew? Don't worry - we found an establishment where they have been littered by the dumpsters for years. Freeing the world of clutter. :) 
It's called making things happen. Pallet craft obsessions, here I come!!


bee said...

Can't wait to see your creations-- that is if you don't get thrown in the slammer. If so I'll come visit you. ha Good luck on your mission. Cute outfits by the way. : )

Mandell said...

Cant wait to see what you make!! I too, am obsessed with pallets. Duh.

Sarah Huffman said...

Ha, this is funny!