Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Obsession: Pallet Crafts

On Saturday night I was browsing around Pinterest (because I lead a very exciting life) and ran across these shelves made out of pallets...


So naturally I clicked on the embedded link to find out how they were made. And that's when I learned that you can get your hands on pallets for FREE if you ask for them at places like Lowe's and the grocery store. Umm... free?! Nothing's free! 

Before I knew it, I was Googling "pallet crafts" and pinning like there was no tomorrow. 

Pallet daybeds...

Pallet headboards (one of these WILL be happening - I think it would go perfectly with the fireplace screen)...


And pallet tables...

{This one is happening also. No doubt in my mind. (Think Uncle Rico.)}

On my way to work this morning a saw an enormous 18-wheeler just hauling hundreds of pallets away. I wanted to flag him down and ask him to toss me a few. He probably just stole all of the free pallets from every store in town and is going to go burn them somewhere for "research". 

I HAVE to get my hands on some of these. Somehow.

But who are we kidding? As if I'm ever going to have the nerve to go ask any stores for free pallets anyways. Lets not forget who we're talking about. Instead I'll be recruiting extroverted friends and family members to gather them for me as free gifts. Easiest and cheapest gift you've ever given me. Not a bad deal, am I right?

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Unknown said...

People list them as give-aways on craigslist, too!