Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Instagram Roundup

The blog world is such an interesting place. Does anyone else ever feel like everyone else seems to live in some sort of fairy tale? Maybe it's just me but I've noticed that a lot of people tend to portray their lives as beautiful, peaceful, and calm 100% of the time... at least through what they post online. They take pictures of their warm coffee in a cutesy mug, talk about the romantic things that their boyfriends/spouses did for them, never post a picture of themselves that hasn't been taken professionaly, and tell tales of spending all day curled up in a cozy blanket by the fire. All of these things are good and dandy but I mean... seriously??

My life must be REALLY hectic and discheveled compared to the majority of the world. Either that or I'm being misled. I enjoy calm moments as much as the next girl and am glad that people like to be positive, but I also like it when people share their frustrations and shortcomings from time to time because that's real life.

That being said, I've been seeing a lot of Best of Instagram posts. Most of them are filled with the aforementioned heartwarming photos. I looked through my phone and had to laugh about how silly most of my photos are in comparison. But... it's my life!

Right after I truly made this car my own by adding the Double T emblem. I had to send this picture to 3 different people because I was absolutely certain that I had put it on crooked.

Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting are my #1 dessert weakness. Oh mylanta those were good.

Day one of puppy school. Last night we finished week 3. Not before he knocked over a shelf full of dog treats in PetsMart though. :)

 Testing out a new coffee table arrangement.

 Social networking on a Friday afternoon after my motivation had straight up evaporated.

Kitchen Hibiscus.

 One lonely afternoon when I was the only person on the entire hallway that was at work.

 When it rains, we bust out all of the toys.

 Dilated eyes.

Walking on campus. Mine and Jake's favorite Sunday afternoon pastime.

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