Thursday, February 2, 2012

Awkward/Awesome Thursday


+ Walking down the hall next to someone you don't know who is walking the EXACT same speed as you. You try to slow down in hopes that they'll move on ahead, but you still can't get rid of them. So you have to suddenly start walking lightening speed. I mean really? Why do people like to make things so awkward? Let's all collaborate to solve this problem. 

+ Deciding for the first time in a few months that I was going to be a good person and walk both dogs because I'm a terrible person and only walk one of them. I got two houses away from home before they pulled me down and successfully drug me for a few inches (apparently I'm not wise enough to let go). This resulted in my first skinned knee of the century and a couple of gross palms.

+ Spending four hours of my Tuesday in a "fun" hands-on training course filled with lots of group work and presentations with a table full of strangers. Yep, I sure did dread it for a good 3 or 4 days beforehand. And it was just as awkward as I had imagined.

{It's probably also considered awkward to nonchalantly take a picture of another group.}

+ Whenever you're in a salad line and you're minding your own business as you pick out your toppings. But then some rushy rushy person gets in line behind you and is all up in your personal space trying to rush you through it. You try to speed things up but get super awkward and start spilling more than you actually get onto your salad. Which inevitably results in several annoyed looks.


+ The fact that at least 75% of my awkwards have something to do with interacting with strangers and/or strangers invading my personal space.

+ Jotting down license numbers with vehicle descriptions in my phone of anyone who seems suspicious when I get out of my car. As if everyone in this world has major plans to break into my car and steal my iPod from 2006. Or follow me and beat me to death. Completely casual.

+ Drinking my fruits and veggies every single day so I won't actually feel required to eat them in solid form ever again.

+ This weekend I'm going on a little (well, long) road trip so I can see my best friend and FINALLY meet her baby for the first time!!!! I can't wait to see them!!

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