Friday, January 13, 2012

A Quest for 40 Hours of Chic per Week

Words cannot express how excited I was when I found out that my new office would belong to me and only me. My last office was a lost cause. Yellow paint, windows on every wall looking into neighboring rooms, and an office mate. Before that it was a classroom decorated in primary colors... gag. And before THAT it was connected to offices on either side. THIS one has some potential for me to make it my own though (despite 3 large mismatched filing cabinets).

I've always had this belief that if I have to spend more time at work than I do at home, I should try to make my office as pretty and inviting as I make my home. And I'm not sure why I've never taken my own advice, because it truly does make a difference!

I asked for some Hobby Lobby gift cards for Christmas so I could shop for some fun items guilt-free. I've been ATTEMPTING to only buy an item or two every couple of weeks - so this is still a work in progress. However, we all know I'm not the most patient of people, so I've broken the rules a couple of times. :)

{Mason jars instead of those ugly mesh desk organizers. Am I a genius or what?!}

Ahh. It's amazing how much more beautiful things look when you can't see the filing cabinets and my messy desk. :)


Sarah Huffman said...

LOVE it!

bee said...

This is an office? wow! I love it.