Thursday, January 26, 2012

Awkward/Awesome Thursday. That's right.


+ Elevators. My sister used to start giggling awkwardly any time we were on an elevator with a stranger because she felt so awkward and I would nearly burst of embarrassment. Over time, I started noticing the awkwardness too and now I simply cannot handle it. The small talk. The inner battle as to whether you need to push the button for them or not... but you don't want to ask what floor they're going to because then they might decide to talk to you. However, standing silently, staring at the door praying that the elevator will move faster is almost MORE awkward than the small talk. And then there's the tango when the doors open because no one wants to be pushy and exit first. Aghhhh. I'm feeling awkward just imagining it. Needless to say, I climb the stairs in this building nearly a million times a day and it is SO worth the thigh cramps.

+ Posting a status update or a wall post and then realizing two seconds later that you misspelled a word. You try to go back and delete it as quickly as humanly possible before anyone will notice, but the app on your phone is slow and difficult to navigate. Finally you get it deleted so you re-post (more slowly this time). You reload the page and then you notice that the first comment wasn't gone after all and now you have double-posted the exact same thing twice. Pure humiliation.

+ Walking down the hall and hearing a woman behind me yelling frantically. "Ma'am! Ma'am!!!!! Your shirt is folded up in the back!!!!!!" Which results in me starting to panic, wondering how much of my back is showing. I quickly attempt to fix this horrible fashion faux paux as the woman runs up and unfolds the hem of my sweater... which I was wearing over a second, longer shirt. My skin wasn't even CLOSE to showing. Really lady? Thanks for making me look like a complete lunatic in front of a hallway full of students over a folded hem.


+ My new job. Gosh I seriously love it. I feel like I keep telling people that, but it's because I'm so proud of myself for doing what was right for me even though it was really hard to leave a job after such a short period of time and hurt some people that I've known for a long time in the process. I don't have a single regret about the decision though. I've never been able to actually say that I love my job before. In fact, I always thought people were just being overly positive when they would claim to love their jobs and it was annoying. I mean, I'd rather be retired (obvi) but for a job this one pretty much rocks.

+ Buckling down and cleaning the bathroom on a weeknight so I won't have as many things to do on the weekend. In a record breaking THIRTY minutes! It's amazing what I can be capable of when I feel like I'm wasting valuable Wednesday night free time.

+ Those weeks when I just cannot seem to get enough chewy candy in my system. I go through Air Heads, Starburst and Laffy Taffy like it's my job and then can't stand the sight of candy for the next three months. In fact, I think I'll go have a piece (or 5) right now.


bee said...

Thank you for bringing back your Awkward/Awesome post. I love them. And I must say you are exceptionally cute in your pics. Wish I had your style. : ) So glad you love your job. So many are like me...... enduring and tolerating for the paycheck. : (

ali v. said...

you could be the cutest person ever. LOVED these photos and your awkwards + awesomes. I hateeee when I misspell things and agree that social media makes it so hard to delete! and you have to delete before anyone comments or else they'll noticed you deleted hahahaha. so happy to have found your beautiful blog! xoxo {av}

Jenna said...

Aw thank you guys so much. :)

{av} - I'm definitely about to go check out your blog!! It looks super cute!