Wednesday, January 25, 2012

26 and Counting

Y’all. I can barely move this week thanks to the wild idea that I should learn how to run long distances. I’ve been going to the park and walking/running several days a week since last summer. Problem is, my version of “running” is walking for about 5 minutes and then sprinting as hard as I can for a minute or two before I decide I’m about to die and have to stop again.

How is it that I was never taught how to run correctly? Isn’t that what middle school and high school are for?

This weekend I learned that humans are in our “prime” from ages 19-26 (or so says an EMT textbook). That fact didn’t settle too well when I realized that I’m quickly approaching 27. It also didn’t settle well when I realized that I stopped exercising regularly at age 19 and didn’t bother starting again until 24.

I WASTED the majority of those wonderful prime years refusing to work out. What was I THINKING?! Oh how stunning and in shape I could have been. I could have had the most fit body in the whole universe for all I know. I could have looked just like those girls on The Bachelor. This is the tragedy of a lifetime.

I have approximately 8 months to get my booty in gear. It’s all downhill from there folks.

Anyway – back to the reason why I can barely move. I downloaded the Get Running (Couch to 5K) app for my iPhone. It’s seriously the coolest app ever. A nice, calm lady just comes over your headphones during your run and tells you when to run and when you’re allowed to walk. Plus she doesn’t interrupt my music. Best coach EVER. You run 3 days a week for 30 minutes, and after 9 weeks you're supposed to be able to run for the entire 30 minutes without stopping. That's right. 30 whole minutes. I shoot for the stars.


I’ve only completed week one, and I’m more sore than ever... but I’m totally starting to think I can pull this off. All I’ve been missing all this time was a good coach. If you've never learned how to run for long periods of time, you should definitely download it!


Mandell said...

love this app! Even though I've had to start over from week 1 day 1about 3 times! haha

bee said...

Believe me, you can do it Jenna! Keep it up.