Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wrapping with Ribbons

I generally consider myself to be a pretty fast-paced person. Truth be told, I'm always in a hurry. I may not have anywhere important to be, but I still have to get from points A to B as quickly as possible. Yes, I know that's a quality that is frowned upon by many authors of life quotes.

But for some strange reason of which I'm not sure, there are three things that I am EXTREMELY slow at. Like... impossibly, embarrassingly slow.

a) Getting ready in the mornings. Now that I have normal working hours again, I don't have the luxury of taking 2-3 hours of getting ready like I did when I didn't have to work until 10 or 12 each day. In fact, because I'm 100% unwilling to wake up earlier than 6:20 each day, I now have to take two showers per day so I can wash my hair at night because I'm no longer capable of having time before work. What do I do that takes me so long? Even I cannot provide an answer to that question. An average person could pull everything that I do off in about 45 minutes. I know, because under extreme circumstances, I've done it.

b) Cleaning my house. Which is unfortunate, because it's something I do constantly. Most people could accomplish this in 4 hours. It takes me an hour and a half (no exaggeration) to clean the master bathroom alone.

c) Wrapping gifts. The REAL reason we're here today. I've been known to accomplish only 2 presents during the span of an entire Christmas movie (because all wrapping must be done while watching a Christmas movie). This year I knocked it out by wrapping 2-3 presents every evening for a couple of weeks. A few nights ago, all that was on my agenda was two BOWS that I needed to put on two presents that I had already wrapped. I spent an hour and a half on the first bow and then ripped it apart because it was ugly (don't attempt to create a non-traditional bow out of mesh ribbon and hot glue).

By this point you're most likely thinking that I have the most beautifully wrapped, intricately detailed presents in the universe. I have truly set myself up for failure on this one. But either way, I'm really happy with the way they turned out this year. Simple. Chic. Vintage-ish. White and cream. They'll do. And everyone can say their present was wrapped in a unique, one-of-a-kind way... which is what I was most going for.
 Unfortunately I have another long night of wrapping ahead of me. Christmas with my fam isn't until this weekend, so I've been putting a few presents off in order to regain my motivation. Hope I can manage to get the bows on these right the first time!


Mandell said...

Ahhh!! I LOVE this!! Wrapping presents is probably one of my top 5 favorite things to do in the world and these are SO cute!!

bee said...

And we were privileged and blessed to receive one of those specially wrapped gifts. You are TALENTED!!! I wish I had about a pinky's worth of your talent. Was great seeing you.