Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wednesday Addams Much?

In another life I would look perfect no matter what color hair I had. In this life, I was born to have medium brown hair. Unfortunately it only grows out of my head as the perfect medium brown. In the summer I have light brown with some random blondish and reddish hairs mixed in... and dark roots. Cute? No.

I hate my hair color in the summer. So in the fall I dye it back to match the roots and it stays a good brown until spring when the process starts over.

This particular fall I've attempted to dye my hair back to the natural brown from the blondish/reddish summer hair color TWICE. But I spent a LOT of time at the pool last summer (which I have NO regrets about and hope that someday I will experience a similar summer again). My hair was just too light to hold color.

So... yesterday I decided to have my favorite hair girl dye it for me instead. Pricey but I knew it wouldn't wash out again. We were going for the perfect medium-dark brown.

My hair had other plans.

Plans that closely resemble black. In an I-wore-a-black-sweater-yesterday-and-you-couldn't-tell-where-my-hair-ended-and-the-sweater-began sort of way.

A few very nice people have told me it's just a really dark dark brown or a "light" black.

Can you tell I'm procrastinating? Please don't judge me. I know I wasn't made for black hair. My mom, dad, and sister all have blackish hair and they pull it off very nicely. I now see why those genes thought it was best to skip over me.

My "scared" face doesn't help my case either.

But, hey, on a positive note: this is the closest I will ever get to looking like Kim Kardashian! ;)

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