Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wednesday Addams Much?

In another life I would look perfect no matter what color hair I had. In this life, I was born to have medium brown hair. Unfortunately it only grows out of my head as the perfect medium brown. In the summer I have light brown with some random blondish and reddish hairs mixed in... and dark roots. Cute? No.

I hate my hair color in the summer. So in the fall I dye it back to match the roots and it stays a good brown until spring when the process starts over.

This particular fall I've attempted to dye my hair back to the natural brown from the blondish/reddish summer hair color TWICE. But I spent a LOT of time at the pool last summer (which I have NO regrets about and hope that someday I will experience a similar summer again). My hair was just too light to hold color.

So... yesterday I decided to have my favorite hair girl dye it for me instead. Pricey but I knew it wouldn't wash out again. We were going for the perfect medium-dark brown.

My hair had other plans.

Plans that closely resemble black. In an I-wore-a-black-sweater-yesterday-and-you-couldn't-tell-where-my-hair-ended-and-the-sweater-began sort of way.

A few very nice people have told me it's just a really dark dark brown or a "light" black.

Can you tell I'm procrastinating? Please don't judge me. I know I wasn't made for black hair. My mom, dad, and sister all have blackish hair and they pull it off very nicely. I now see why those genes thought it was best to skip over me.

My "scared" face doesn't help my case either.

But, hey, on a positive note: this is the closest I will ever get to looking like Kim Kardashian! ;)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Office Space

What I wouldn't give to be able to have a little more freedom when it comes to making my office eye-appealing. (Leave it to me to swoon over pretty office spaces instead of putting in the effort to make my own office space look good.) Every time I get the notion to buy or make something pretty for the office, I remember that I'd rather have something pretty for the house. And money doesn't grow on trees. So the house wins. Every time. But why don't I feel like my office is just as important? I mean, I DO spend 44 hours of my life there every week. 

Oh my gosh. That's so bad. It's even worse in the picture than I thought.

Any fool could see that I could do so, SOOO much more than what I've done up to this point (considering all that I've done is hang a clock). In my defense though, the walls ARE yellow. That leaves me very little to work with here. And the black and brown furniture. Ohh the black and brown furniture. Why can't everything just be pretty and white? 



This one. Oh my goodness. Can't. Breathe.




Okay I'm done. I can't do this to myself anymore. 

Did anyone else see a recurring theme in the pictures? 

They all appear to be in someone's HOME.

So... I think the best solution here is to work from home. Yep. Then I could decorate however I wanted. 

I'll get right on that.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall Fashion Favs

Around this time of year I'm always pleasantly surprised that I'm not completely disgusted by the idea of having to start dressing in warmer clothes. Granted, the excitement wears off by about January 1st, but at least there are a couple of months in there where I think winter clothes are fun.

I've been craving a major shopping trip. Too bad it's November and my spending money is basically exiled until after Christmas.

So,  if I WERE allowed to go shopping, here's what I would be/am all about this winter (and, okay, maybe a lot of these things are the same things I was into last winter... and the winter before that... I'm not big on change):

Leggings. Obvi. Does anyone else get completely stuck on something for years at a time? I've been living in these things from the moment I get home until I get ready for work the next morning. I just love them because you can wear them anywhere and dress them up or down accordingly. To lounge, to sleep, to workout, to the grocery store, to dinner paired with a cute tunic. With flats, with boots, with tennis shoes.

When you can't get away with wearing leggings, skinny jeans will do as a replacement. But I still refuse to wear them with anything other than boots. And I usually find 9 out of 10 pairs that I try on to be absolutely hideous on me. As far as skinny jeans are concerned I must have a really awkward body ratio. If they fit me in the hips, the waist is about 4 inches too big.

{My favorite pair are Joe's - but for the record, this particular image is absolutely heinous in my opinion. I can't stand the way skinny jeans look unless they are covered by boots}

Any and every long top. Sweatshirts, sweaters, tunics, v-neck tee's. Anything that can be easily paired with leggings. Being only 5'1" you would think that finding long shirts would be an easy task. Notttt so. I've been on the lookout for several weeks now and have only found two or three good ones. As an alternative I've stocked up on some t-shirts from Victoria's Secret that are really long and I just layer them under shorter shirts.

{Essential V-Neck Tee by PINK from Victoria's Secret}

I've also really been wanting a long sleeve lace shirt (and to be as cute as this model!). Preferably in white or cream. I think they look perfect paired with a cute scarf. I would definitely be wearing a non-see-through shirt underneath though. :)

{Long-sleeve Stretch Lace Top by Victoria's Secret}

Trouser jeans. I don't have a pair but I'm on the lookout. I think they are so classy and chic!

{Seen here}

Cute, bright-colored lacy and frilly scarves. Love them.

{Of course my favs are at Target}

As far as shoes go, some things never change. I'm obsessed with all of the following:

Boat shoes. 


{Classic TOMS in Ash Canvas}

Fuzzy moccasins.

And as always, for the coldest days, Uggs.

{Still loving Knit Uggs this year}

If you're someone who needs Christmas ideas for me, I just made your life pretty easy.

Now... let's see how long it takes for me to start blogging about summer clothes.