Thursday, October 20, 2011

Deep Thoughts

I try to walk my hyper giant of a puppy every morning before work so I can get rid of his energy and get a little exercise. I switch up between a few parks, all of which are built around the classic Lubbock Playa Lakes. All of these ponds are homes to hundreds of ducks and geese throughout the year. But one thing I've noticed is that each pond is also the stomping grounds for one and only one crane. I've become pretty entrigued by these little guys and have several pictures of them on my phone.

Why are they always alone?

 Is this the way they would want it? 

I can't help but feel sorry for them. I've spent many a minute thinking about what it would be like to be the only crane in a world of ducks. The crane is always standing off to one side of the pond all by his lonesome. He appears to be content... but is he really? I find it hard to believe that any living earthly creature could spend all of his days alone with no one else to talk to. You would literally be living in a world of your own thoughts and only your own thoughts. That thought is just plain terrifying to me. 

So, here's to you, Mr. Crane. You accomplish daily something that I couldn't accomplish for a week. I admire your strength. And if you ever get lonely, just hop on over to the next pond. I know another crane or two that could use a friend.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy Friday!


Remember when I got to do Happy Friday posts like... every Friday? Those were surely the days.

I run my life. Or is it running me?

Taylor Swift is playing in Lubbock tonight. The day tickets went on sale in early summer, I pulled up the ticket site and waited for 9:00 to strike so I could get some good ones. At about 8:45 I decided to take a quick shower. Around 9:15ish I went back to my computer and the whole show was sold out. It was devastating.

I'm not a concert person whatsoever and really would rather do a whole slew of things that have to go sit through a concert. But NOT Taylor's concert. There's not a song of her's that I don't know by heart.

This week I signed up for texting contests, email contests, and listener contests to try to win tickets. I listened to the radio every day and called in whenever I heard three Taylor songs in a row. Today, 1st row tickets were going to be up for grabs. I thought about listening while I got ready for work but assumed they wouldn't give them away until later in the day because that's how it's been all of the other days this week.

In the line to get my breakfast at Chick-fil-a before work, they announced all of the week's winners on the radio, including the winners to all of the contests I had entered AND the 1st row ticket winner from "earlier this morning."

I'm ashamed to admit it friends, but I sure did start crying.

Rock bottom.

Needless to say, it's a disappointing Friday. But at least today is a good catch-up day at work and I'm only two parent conferences away from going home to my brand new iPhone!!

Happy Friday!