Friday, September 30, 2011

La Casa

I haven't posted before & afters of the house yet because I was trying to wait until it looked 100% perfect. Butttt... three months later I'm realizing that perfect might take 142 years. So I'll just show you where things stand at the moment.

Front of the house before:
...Oh, I'm sorry. Did you think these photos were taken in January? Nope. That would be June. 

If you think this part of the yard was bad, you should see the before pictures of the BACK yard.

Front yard now:

Kitchen before:

Kitchen now:
This transformation isn't all that wowing. The kitchen was always pretty.

Living room before:

Andddd now:
As is typical, please ignore the kitty's booty. So unprofessional.

As for the rest of the house... those pictures will just have to wait. I'm far from semi-satisfied with the decorations in the other rooms at this point. Darn you Pottery Barn catalogs.