Friday, September 16, 2011

Don't mess around with the face.

With a full-time job comes a loss of daily trips to the pool. You know what that means. A rapid departure on the paleness train. Until my death, I will argue that I look wretched when my face is pale. The rest of my skin stays somewhat brown all year but my face turns an awful yellowy color. I'm not a very attractive person in the winter. You should see pictures of me from winters during middle school or high school. Hideous is the only word for it. But... alas, I gave up tanning beds a couple of years ago and am destined for pale winters for life.

Last winter I told you about my trusty Jergens Foaming Moisturizer that I love so very much during the long winter months. SO. Yesterday I pulled it out of the cabinet and decided that I would just put a tinsy bit on my face as an experiment (don't worry I Googled it first to see if anyone warned against this. Nothin'). I rarely get zits - we're talking months apart here - so I'm thinking NBD.

The joke's on me folks. I woke up this morning and there was a huge red zit mountain right in the middle of my forehead. Sorry to everyone who I'm going to speak to today because you ain't gonna be looking at anything else. Even the swoopy bangs can't hide this one. It's beyond attractive.

With that being said... do not... I repeat, do not attempt to use Jergen's Natural Glow Foaming Moisturizer on your face. Stick with the lotion that was made for the face even though it doesn't really make your face look very tan. *Dear Google, please notice this paragraph and include it in all searches for "should I use Jergen's foaming moisturizer on my face?"*

You're welcome world.