Thursday, June 16, 2011

Who has time for blogs in the summer?

It's been over 100 degrees every day for at LEAST two weeks straight. How is that even legal? 

Our poor garage sale customers were absolute troopers last Saturday. Heat doesn't keep people away from garage sales.

And people actually bought my old junk! Nearly everything was gone by the end so the hard work was totally worth it. Minus the utter exhaustion that I felt afterward. I've been occupying myself with water-related activities as much as possible ever since. 

Unfortunately, Jake has been enjoying water-related activities as well.

This dog must hold the record for the most baths given per week. (Let it be known that I don't even like dogs very much because I hate the way they smell and how they slobber all over everything. I'm determined to like my own dog, so I have to bathe him every .5 seconds so he'll stay clean and smelling fresh.)

Minus a short stint in Fort Worth earlier in the week, my pool time has been suffering a little bit because I'm having to study for yet ANOTHER exam.

I wish I could time travel back to 2008 and warn my poor post-college graduate self that I would, in fact, have MANY more exams in my future and to calm down with the excitement.

Luckily I will reunite with water asap because I'm meeting Sarah at Hurrican Harbor on Saturday for a full day of floating the lazy river!! Oh my gosh, I cannot.even.wait.

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