Monday, June 13, 2011


I go to United at least 3 times a week. If I don't win something during the Million Dollar Summer giveaway, something is wrong with their system. I keep extremely intricate lists of the things that I need, yet somehow I never seem to get everything I need to last the entire week.

Sometimes I drive all the way across town just so I can go to the United that has mini carts.

I tried to take a picture but it ended up looking like a regular cart. For once people aren't staring at me as I struggle to push a cart while looking like a total lunatic. It's like these mini carts were created just for me. Looovvvve them.

...Can you tell that I'm watching The Bachelorette while writing this? I had great intentions for this post but ended up writing about a grocery cart. 

I blame summer. Maybe next time.

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texasholls said...

haha! Wait til you get to push the cart with the big plastic car on the front and a kid pretending to drive it and you bump into every display rack and shelf in the store aisle. Then you'll really get some looks. good times.....