Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dream Overload

It seems like a common theme in my life. I spend more time dreaming/planning out my future careers than I do actually involving myself in the current one. 90% of my dream careers involve me starting my own business of some sort. I want to do something that is inspiring and will allow me to be creative. Back in the day I thought teaching was the perfect outlet for creativity. Somehow that flexibility has been completely removed from the classroom, which is why I feel like this profession is not as fulfilling as I need for it to be.

I know it's normal for people to dream of new careers, but is it normal that I basically obsess over it? I spend hours upon hours researching how to start a business and dreaming about how I will decorate the business. I have spreadsheets for all of my ideas that I have slowly added to over the past several years.

I want to own a clothing boutique.

I want my own cupcakery.

I want to own a floral company.

I want to design paper goods.

I want to be an event planner.

And I want to design cute hair pieces.

I want to keep going but I’m already embarrassed by the length of this list.

Problem is I’m not a risk-taker. I can plan and dream all day, but when it comes to actually taking a leap of faith (quitting my day job), taking out a loan, and barreling full-speed ahead… well, I’m just a big huge chicken. I've tried to determine which of my ideas would involve the least risk, but they are ALL risky. A large part of me thinks that this is the time of life to take risks because I don’t have as many responsibilities as I might have later in life. The other part of me says it could be a life-altering mistake.

So I continue taking the safe route. Working for the man. Wishing that I was doing one of the things that I’m completely passionate about. Spending every second of my free time at my actual job researching my dream jobs. Creating spreadsheets and pinning pictures on inspiration boards.

Hoping that maybe one day I'll have the guts to do something about this.

...And then there are my dreams of going to nursing school. But we won’t even go there.

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bee said...

Keep on dreaming and planning. You have tremendous talent. I think you would be successful at anything you put your hand to. Maybe start an on the side type business. If it grows, you got it made.