Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Brother Sam

I took Jake on his first road trip this past weekend.

We took one of his sweet brothers to Seth and Chelsea.

They named him Sam.

Sam spends the majority of his time sleeping. All he wants in life is to be petted.

Sam doesn't have a coniving bone in his body.

...Unless Jake starts wrestling with him. And then he crunches his face into Elvis-like snarl that Chelsea hates. But I think it's cute.

Sam is much more calm and laid-back than his brother Jake.

Brother Jake tests my patience 45,000 times a day. 

I chose the right puppy. I chose the right puppy. I chose the right puppy.

 Just kiddingggg.

I love little Jakey. For better or for worse. He's got the cutest little puppy face I've ever seen.

And, hey, only 16 and a half more months until he officially grows out of puppyhood. Cake walk. :)

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