Tuesday, May 3, 2011

All About the Pretty II

Blog and I are being forced to spend less time together. The end of the school year seems to be taking over my world. So many deadlines, so little time.

I do have to show you some must-have pretty things that I’ve seen floating around internet land this week...

1. This dress. Love it. Need it. Want it. Need to find a more budget-friendly version. Baddddly.

2. Hanging mason jars. I ordered some because I was too lazy to DIY this time. I do love me a good mason jar.

3. This gold watch. Only cheaper. Much, muchhh cheaper.

4. Annabelle Hydrangea Shrubs like the ones in front of this Canadian cottage. Do these grow in West Texas? I saw this picture a few weeks ago and haven’t been able to get my mind off of these flowers since. Unfortunately I’m guessing they probably don’t enjoy Texas heat because I’ve never seen them around before.

5. A customized dog collar. I bet Jake would LOVE a pretty collar with his name embroidered on it when he grows up. Totally not girly at all. :)

6. Vera Bradley travel/makeup bags. I actually found one of these at Calligraphy Etc. in Lubbock last weekend. It’s the PERFECT size for my makeup. No more digging around in a bag that’s two sizes too small!

That’s all the prettiness I have time for. Do you have ANY idea how slow I am at writing posts? I realized that last week after I spent literally 6 hours on the post I did last week about my classroom. Talk about total burnout. Sheesh. A short post like this one takes me at least an hour (probably because I change the pictures like 40,000 times and spend a good 20 minutes on the aesthetics after I’m finished writing). I’m so pathetic.


texasholls said...

I have seen some yards with some really great hydrangeas here in there must be a heat tolerant, Texas version out there.

texasholls said...

Okay,sorry to be spamming your blog with comments but you made me have to go look it up. Here is a link to an article about growing hydrangeas in TX if you are interested.

Jenna said...

Oh you're awesome Holly!!! Thanks!!!!!