Tuesday, May 31, 2011

School's out for the summa!!

Can I get an amen???

Yet... somehow the past few days have felt like the busiest of the entire year.

The temperature in Abilene reached 108 degrees on the first day of summer break. It was the hottest day in 84 years. Coincidentally, the air conditioner went out on the same day. As did the internet. It was quite lovely.

All is back in business now though. Thank goodness for that, because I can't live without the air conditioner OR the internet.

I went in for a trim today and exited the salon with bangs. What?? I'm always so extremely paranoid about getting my hair cut but I'm pretty sure my only stipulations are that it stays long and is some shade of brown. I wanted to look more 2011 and soooo I got bangs.

I haven't had true bangs since freshman year of high school. Growing up I don't think there was ever a time when I didn't have bangs... until I got to high school and suddenly realized that they were extremely uncool. I promptly grew them out. And by promptly I mean that it was like a 6 year process.

So here we are again. I'll probably begin that 6 year growing out process today.

In other news, my dance recital is this weekend. Tonight we practiced our dance in the presence of several other groups in the show. Some of the moms of the younger dancers were extremely appalled by our rendition of Baby Got Back. All I have to say about that is... how can you take us seriously when we're wearing THIS?

Downright inappropriate I tell ya.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Will Summer and I be friends?


Wowza. Who knew that the last couple of weeks of school could be so insane?! I feel like I'm literally dragging myself out of bed every morning. Every day I'm more exhausted when the alarm goes off than the last. I'm assuming that it has more to do with knowing that a break is so close than actual tiredness. Otherwise there's no way I could have worked tirelessly through my summers the past few years.

I hope I'm good at having a summer. Everyone tells me that summer vacation is wasted on me. They might be right. Honestly I am a tiny bit nervous about summer. There have been a million times when I've found myself trying to research summer job opportunities just to avoid losing my mind.

It's no secret that I have a very nagging conscience that really never allows me to truly relax, so as soon as I can remove the "work" excuse for a few days, I'm going to have a to-do list a thousand pages long.

Finish painting the trim.

Paint the doors.

Take down the heinous wallpaper in the bathroom and paint.

Teach the puppy how to fetch.

Teach the puppy everything else important in life.

Make the yard look as perfect as possible.

Have a garage sale.

Clean the house.

Clean the house.

Clean the house.





...Attempt to stay current on my Google Reader. I have a love/hate relationship with blogs because sometimes I feel like it's a chore. Yet I cannot dare let myself skip reading a single post because I might miss something. So very sad. It makes me strangely anxious whenever I have more than 10 blogs to catch up on. Please don't think I'm psychotic. Yesterday I logged in and I had 87 unread posts. I got it down to 63. Life has been THAT crazy.

One thing is for sure: I'm going to get my summer tan if it's the last thing I do. I've never been so pale in my life.

Surely these fears are all ridiculous anyway. Summer is going to be the best thing that has ever happened to me. If nothing else I will have a completely blank to-do list by August (and brown skin).

Now I'm going to pick myself up out of this chair, throw in the new Brad Paisley cd, and clean this classroom like there's no tomorrow!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things I love on Thursday.

What a week. Longest one ever. Ever.ever.eva. Lots of big decisions to make. And as we know - I'm terrible at making decisions. Plus it has been pure madness at school. And my brain is putty from all of my studying this week. The big test is this evening... send positive thoughts my way!

In the meantime (and because my brain is only filled with meaningless thoughts)... here are my favorite inspirations this week:

This doesn't require much explanation from me. Organization. Mason jars. Amazing.

How much fun would it be to host a backyard movie night?

This is completely doable. Extra bedroom? Massive closet. Basically what I do now but this is so much more glamorous.

Whimsical. This would make the perfect beach bungalow.

This dress would look completely unflattering on me. But I love it.

I saw this picture earlier this week and started craving the Bowtie Festival from Carino's. I found a copycat recipe online and OH MANNNN it was delicious.

At what age does it become a requirement to wear one piece bathing suits? If it's 25 I need to know asap. I don't want to be one of those "that girl is really way too old for a two piece" women that gets talked about at the pool. I've already bookmarked a couple cute ones for when the time arrives.

Annddddd I'm gone.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

And because I don't like for my most recent post to be one that has camera phone pictures...


I'm making these Cookies & Cream Cheesecake Bars to bring up to the teachers' lounge later this week. It has taken all of my self-control to avoid making them a few days early. In fact it has been difficult to think about anything else.

Title = Fail

It’s another hectic week in my world. I’ve been pretty stressed and running around like a chicken with my head cut off most of the time. On Thursday I’m taking an exam for advanced certification in the program that I teach at school. If I pass I make a thousand bucks. If I fail I make no bucks. Now THAT is some pressure.

On another note, this morning I glanced over at this week’s streak poster and saw the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while:

Men. It starts at such a young age.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

There's no where else I'd rather be...


Get me to the beach!!!

[X]'s < Pinterest

Yesterday my school internet decided to do something very mean to me.

It decided that it’s no longer going to show me any pictures uploaded in Blogger. Apparently seeing pictures on blogs is a BIG no-no in these parts.

Instead I get to look at a big white box with a little red “x” in the upper left corner. Cute right? Blank boxes are a total fun-sponge when it comes to my blog reading/writing. In fact, I never realized how much I relied on pictures for my blog-reading enjoyment.

But perhaps the BIGGEST reason why I hate this new issue is because it really interferes with my Pinteresting.

And that, my friends, is just really really not okay. It took me a while to get the coveted invite to join, but now that I have, I just can't stop the obsession. It's like chocolate to my organization hungry spirit. E-mail me if you have been wanting an invite to join and I'll send you one! jennalanae[at]sbcglobal[dot]net

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The DFDub

Yay for a great weekend with friends! On Friday night we had Gloria's in Rockwall and then took a few pictures on the pier.
We got slightly carried away with the timer. In fact we took 30 different shots. Sarah and I could've gone all night but the guys made us stop.

Saturday morning we got up and headed to Waxahachie for the Scarborough Renaissance Festival. It's a seven week affair and I must say one of the strangest events I've ever attended. The grounds were much bigger than I had expected. There were all kinds of shops, restaurants, rides (man-powered... not the cool kind of rides like roller coasters), and a huge list of little shows to see throughout the day. All of the workers were 100% in character at all times, as were a vast number of the attendees. Far too many people were dressed in costumes. Unfortunately it seemed that many of them hadn't showered or shaved in weeks.
Observe some fellow fair-goers in the background. Weird, right? It was the best people watching experience ever.

After about 3 hours we were ready to move on with our lives (but not without taking some hilarious memories with us). In fact I would highly suggest attending sometime just for the experience if you ever have the chance. I promise you will get plenty of great laughs.

We hit up a really nice mall in Plano, then made our way to Ikea in Frisco, and finished the day off at The Melting Pot in Addison. It was my first fondue experience, and despite a 4 hour ordeal and a rude waiter, it was a very delicious experience.

All in all, a very successful weekend. I hope it doesn’t take another two years for us to do it again. Thanks for being great hosts Shane & Sarah!!

Friday, May 6, 2011


{Circa 2004 - Before we all got wrinkles.}

This weekend I’m heading to the DFW to spend a couple of days with the old crew. We all went to high school together but didn't become the best of friends until we all moved to Lubbock for college. We had a ton of really great times together over the next few years and then we slowly moved away from Lubbock. We haven't all gotten together in a couple of years so this weekend is way past due!

I'm excited for delicious food, hopefully lots of girl and shopping time at NP with Sarah, and whatever else we can come up with! It’s going to be grand.

Sorry you're missing out Rob.

Oh yeah… TGIF and only three weeks until summer vacation!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Brother Sam

I took Jake on his first road trip this past weekend.

We took one of his sweet brothers to Seth and Chelsea.

They named him Sam.

Sam spends the majority of his time sleeping. All he wants in life is to be petted.

Sam doesn't have a coniving bone in his body.

...Unless Jake starts wrestling with him. And then he crunches his face into Elvis-like snarl that Chelsea hates. But I think it's cute.

Sam is much more calm and laid-back than his brother Jake.

Brother Jake tests my patience 45,000 times a day. 

I chose the right puppy. I chose the right puppy. I chose the right puppy.

 Just kiddingggg.

I love little Jakey. For better or for worse. He's got the cutest little puppy face I've ever seen.

And, hey, only 16 and a half more months until he officially grows out of puppyhood. Cake walk. :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

All About the Pretty II

Blog and I are being forced to spend less time together. The end of the school year seems to be taking over my world. So many deadlines, so little time.

I do have to show you some must-have pretty things that I’ve seen floating around internet land this week...

1. This dress. Love it. Need it. Want it. Need to find a more budget-friendly version. Baddddly.

2. Hanging mason jars. I ordered some because I was too lazy to DIY this time. I do love me a good mason jar.

3. This gold watch. Only cheaper. Much, muchhh cheaper.

4. Annabelle Hydrangea Shrubs like the ones in front of this Canadian cottage. Do these grow in West Texas? I saw this picture a few weeks ago and haven’t been able to get my mind off of these flowers since. Unfortunately I’m guessing they probably don’t enjoy Texas heat because I’ve never seen them around before.

5. A customized dog collar. I bet Jake would LOVE a pretty collar with his name embroidered on it when he grows up. Totally not girly at all. :)

6. Vera Bradley travel/makeup bags. I actually found one of these at Calligraphy Etc. in Lubbock last weekend. It’s the PERFECT size for my makeup. No more digging around in a bag that’s two sizes too small!

That’s all the prettiness I have time for. Do you have ANY idea how slow I am at writing posts? I realized that last week after I spent literally 6 hours on the post I did last week about my classroom. Talk about total burnout. Sheesh. A short post like this one takes me at least an hour (probably because I change the pictures like 40,000 times and spend a good 20 minutes on the aesthetics after I’m finished writing). I’m so pathetic.