Friday, April 15, 2011

TGIF Donuts


What is it about Friday mornings that makes me feel like I'm entitled to eat something unhealthy for breakfast? I'm pretty sure I've had either a donut or a cinnamon roll for breakfast every Friday for the entirety of the school year. Maybe I'm just drowning my sorrows because I miss my Friday morning HSC bean and cheese breakfast burritos terribly to this day.

Regardless, TGIF! The greatest thought of my Friday mornings is that I'm done with my 6:15 alarm for the next two days. You would be amazed at the difference I feel knowing that I have to wake up at 6:15 again tomorrow... on SATURDAY... to take my exam. And I don't take naps so that's not a solution. It's going to be beyond rough, people. Beyond rough. But then it will be done.

Happy weekend!!

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