Tuesday, April 19, 2011


When I was six years old my family got our first dog; a Golden Retriever named Shadow. He was a wonderful dog and just sweet as could be. We took him on all sorts of adventures with us. As a child I thought there wasn't anything that he couldn't do! The year after I moved away from home my parents got another Golden Retriever puppy named Emmett. Emmett and Shadow were the best of friends despite their 12 year age difference.

One summer my family went on a cruise so we had some friends across town (whose dogs happened to be Emmett's mother and sister) keep Emmett while we were away. Shadow stayed at our house because he was just getting too old to leave. When we returned to the states, we learned that Emmett had escaped our friends' yard and began a long journey across town towards home. They didn't know where he was for a few days. Luckily a mail woman found him somewhere in-between their house and ours, read his tags and kindly dropped him off with some neighbors. It was so Homeward Bound-like of him.We've always believed that he tried to run home because he wanted to be with his best friend Shadow.

Shadow passed away at 14 years old. We were all very sad to see him go but we knew it was his time and that he had lived a great life. Less than a year later, Emmett began to get very sick. He lost a ton of weight and the vets all seemed to have a different reason as to why. One weekend I went home to visit my parents. I wouldn't even walk to the gate to pet him because he was so skinny and awful looking. It made me too upset. My Mom and I convinced Dad to take him to the vet. He was rushed to an overnight clinic but didn't live through the night. It was an absolutely awful weekend.

We still aren't exactly sure why he got so sick at the young age of three. My Dad was very close to him too and somehow throughout the whole process he felt like Emmett's death was his fault. That he should have rushed him to the clinic sooner. It was extremely hard on both of my parents.

Even though I never lived at home with Emmett, I loved him more than I have ever loved another dog. Even typing about him still makes tears stream from my eyes. Two years later I still miss him all the time. He was the most loving and happy dog that I have ever known. The most heartbreaking thing about it is that he was only with us for a short time.


That was a REALLY long story all meant to explain that I have really wanted another Golden ever since Emmett passed away. I've been keeping my eye out for puppies for a few weeks now. On Friday night (when I was supposed to be studying) I found out that someone in Abilene had put an ad online for ten puppies! I immediately knew that I had to go see them. We went the next day and of course I was sold as soon as I saw the little ones running around.

This is baby Jake:

I chose him over his 9 brothers and sisters because he was the biggest and the fluffiest. The lady selling them said he was the most loving. I hope I made the best choice. :) Both of Jake's parents were on site and his Dad is ENORMOUS. We'll see if Jake will get that big.

He was pretty lethargic the first day... I think he missed his mommy. :( Khan (an Aussie that Ethan rescued a couple of years ago) has done really well with Jake and has been very patient with him so far. The second night, Jake decided to escape the back yard through a gap in the fence. Luckily I heard him screaming at the top of his lungs at the front door. It really scared me that he could have gotten lost so soon, so now he has to be watched nearly all the time and has to sleep in a kennel at night. I hardly got any sleep last night because I kept having to get up with him. We'll be lucky if Ethan doesn't kill me before this training process is over.

My goal is to get him fully trained this summer. I'm 100% positive that it will all be worth it in the end!! Anddddd I have rambled FAR long enough. Better make an abrubt ending. Peace out.


texasholls said...

He is so cute!!!!

bee said...

What a cute dog! I am glad you still have Kahn though. Ethan will just have to chill. : )