Thursday, April 7, 2011

Awkward/Awesome Thursday

I've been skimping on the Awkward/Awesomes lately. It's hard to think of awkwards during less awkward weeks. I've been told that awkward things only happen to me because I think that everything is awkward. Perhaps this means I'm getting less awkward.

-The other day I was laying out in the back yard when I heard my little old lady neighbor come outside. I've known her since I was born because she was our neighbor way back when my family lived there.
The fence on that side of the yard has literally been around longer than I have and has absolutely NO privacy. I closed my eyes and hoped she would just go on about her business.

A few seconds later I heard something, popped my eyes open, and noticed her peering through the pickets. She started laughing and told me that she didn't even see me back there... she was just looking to see what the dog was doing. Then proceeded to have a conversation. All the while I was just dying inside and hoping that her eyesight was good enough to at least realize that, even though I was wearing a bathing suit that nearly matched my skin tone, I was, in fact, wearing a bathing suit.

-Last week I had to present at a workshop for the other RM teachers in the district. My program coordinator had asked me to present a spreadsheet that I've created to help me keep up with the students that I intervene with each day. My old job was all about spreadsheets so I turned into a very OCD spreadsheet person. Honestly I figured everyone was going to be bored out of their minds because naturally I assumed that everyone must already make spreadsheets exactly the way that I do. Because duh, it's the best way. 

I got to the front of the room and word vomited through the whole presentation in about 10 minutes. I finally looked up to a room full of completely blank stares, mumbled something about how they all must think I'm really anal, and then asked if anyone had questions. After all of the awesome stuff that I talked about, it ended up turning into a lesson about how I HIGHLIGHTED the names on my spreadsheet. I digress.

-Thanks to 5th grade TAKS, we have been allowed to wear jeans FOUR days this week. Yes, I did say FOUR!

-Pinterest. I'm in awe with everyone else's collections. I want my own account but I don't know how to get an invite. Or why you would need an invite to join. But whatevs.

-I posted a few of my headbands on Etsy a few weeks ago but lost interest as soon as I realized that you're supposed to promote your shop in order for your items to actually show up in searches. I figured I would try to mess with it again this summer. Yesterday morning I woke up and had an email telling me that someone had randomly purchased one. I was totally caught off guard so I stressed all day about how to mail it (hate going to the post office)... plus I had wanted to keep it to wear to Tech football games... yadda yadda.

Only I would be stressed rather than excited about something like that.

Anyway, at least I know now that it's possible to sell things on there. I can't wait to spend a little time putting a shop together this summer!

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bee said...

I bet you could make a pretty good profit on these headbands. They seem to be very popular right now and yours are so CUTE!!! I wish I was young enough to wear them. I am sure you do very well on presentations. You are like me. You don't give yourself enough credit. I hope all is going well with the teacher situation. Sorry I have not written you in a LONG time. Love your blogs!!!