Thursday, March 10, 2011

Not Awkward. Not Awesome.

{This is where I am not going for spring break. Sigh.}

These random thoughts may not be awesome nor will they be awkward. I simply don’t have the motivation that it takes to categorize my thoughts this week. It’s called spring break-itis.

-I broke the cafeteria rules this morning because I tried to get a carton of Lucky Charms along with my sausage biscuit.

-Yesterday I looked in the mirror and decided my hair was ugly. I decided I couldn’t wait until next week when I’m in Lubbock to get it cut so I cut off 2 and a half inches myself. The most I have gotten cut off in a couple of years. I don’t regret it either.

-Our bumblebee “Baby Got Back” tap dance is still going well. It’s the most provocative dance that I’ve ever seen middle-aged women do. Thank goodness we’ll all be wearing rather large and unflattering bee costumes.

-Once again I’m not participating in Lent. Once again, if I were I would give up these things. Is it weird to have the same vices year after year? Maybe that makes me boring.

-When I went back in my archives to find last year’s Lent post I realized that I used to be much more creative with my blog post titles. Ehh. Oh well.

-Still no word on the district lay-offs. Not sure what the hold up is but I would be quite grateful if I could start being OCD and making my plans for next year.

-That’s all. An unexpected class showed up for a make-up time during my planning period sooo I don’t have time to entertain you anymore. :) Positive thoughts. Positive thoughts. Who needs a 45 minute break to catch your breath without being surrounded by 22 children planning period anyway? Definitely not me!

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