Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm Lovin' It

I realize that I already said this on Facebook but I don't care. I was introduced to Starburst Fave Reds last weekend and I'm currently obsessed. Starbursts are probably my favorite candy in the world. I try to keep a pretty constant stash of the original flavors at home. I eat all of the reds first before I resort to oranges.

I've been known to say that red starbursts are my tastebud's favorite taste in the world.

In high school, a boyfriend once gave me an enormous ziploc bag filled with only red Starbursts for my birthday. It was one of the sweetest gifts I've ever received.

My Starburst troubles are now over. Fave Reds have the "red" flavor from each of the four most common Starburst packs. Oh myyyy goodness. Heaven. My mouth waters just thinking about them.

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