Thursday, March 24, 2011

Awkward/Awesome Thursday

{80's Party Circa Fall 2005. Look how cute sister's little pose is with her side pony.}

(These awkwards all happened the weekend before spring break. It was a weekend chalked full of awkwards.)

-We had an in-service meeting on the Friday afternoon right before spring break. Not exactly what I'd call a good time. I arrived to the meeting in high spirits, absolutely positive that we would stay 5 minutes and then I could be on my merry way to the mall. Wrong-o. My principal passed out oodles of papers and my happiness went downhill a little too fast. He told us to split up into large groups, read an assigned article, and then discuss it amongst ourselves. I read the first line at least 20 times and then gave up. My brain was far from where it needed to be.

The time came to "discuss" the articles so I backed up into a little corner where he couldn't see me. But who do you think he called on to share my group's article (out of 12 people)? Yep. I quickly browsed the article, stammered a few random lines, finished with "Umm.. I'm really not sure what else to say," and looked up to a room full of blank stares. I'm 100% positive that my co-workers must think I'm the dumbest person alive now.

-The next evening I decided to get curbside service at Carino's for dinner. I called in my order (which of course I hate doing in itself) and then drove over to pick it up. I rolled down the window and was waiting on the guy to bring my food out when another car pulled up next to me. The lady on the passenger side rolled down her window as well. I occupied myself by playing on my phone but it was only a matter of time before I heard her ask, "What did you order?" I slowly looked up, hoping she was talking to the driver of the car she was in, but she was staring right at me. "Umm... the Bowtie Festival."
"Oh yeah? What's that?"
"It has bowtie pasta, chicken, bacon... it's really good." Please Mr. hurry up with my food so I can get out of here.
"I've never been here before."
"Oh. Well everything they have is good....." Oh thank goodness my food is here.

-On my way to Lubbock I decided to stop at the McDonald's in Post for a bathroom break. I noticed immediately that there were about 5 women lined up OUTSIDE the bathroom and goodness knows how many inside, but I decided I was going to wait it out. The line outside moved quickly and as I went inside I noticed that there was only ONE stall. Myself and 4 others awkwardly stood quietly waiting our turns. A woman went inside with her daughter who looked to be about 9 or 10. They took forever, giggling and telling each other to hurry up. The grandmother was waiting outside the stall which made it impossible to make facial expressions about how ridiculously long they were taking while the rest of us had to stand and listen. I wanted to bail SO BADLY but I was 2nd in line by this point and had already wasted 15 minutes. Next thing I know, the mom pops her head out and asks Grandma to wet some toilet paper. I don't want to know what this was for. All I know is it was the most awkward public bathroom situation I have ever encountered.

Wow. Talk about painfully long awkwards. Time to make the shortest awesome list ever.


-The night the 80's picture was taken. We thought we were the coolest 20 year olds around. Our crimped hair and mustaches were h-o-t. We all ate dinner at McDonald's before going to a dance and used fake names/personas all night. I was Roxanne.

Ba-da bing ba-da boom.


bee said...

This is ONE CRAZY picture. I am thinking Ethan is the dude with the long black hair on your right?

Jenna said...

No, that's Rob. Ethan wasn't there... it's hard to tell when they all look so crazy!