Thursday, March 3, 2011

Awkward/Awesome Thursday

-This morning I locked my keys in my car along with everything else near and dear to me. Then I had to do the empty-handed walk of shame up to school which makes you feel more awkward than you might think.

-I've had contacts for a year now but I'm still a newbie when it comes to certain aspects of wearing them. Sometimes when I'm talking to someone (making sure to look them in the eyes as much as possible), my contacts get super dry and I start having to blink more than is natural. I always get really awkward when this happens and start re-adjusting my contacts so they will realize that my contacts are causing the blinkage and I'm actually not THAT much of a weirdo.

-Having partial hearing loss at 25 but refusing to admit it. People who say "huh?" a lot used to annoy me. Now I do everything in my power not to say "huh?" even if I have no clue what the other person just said. Wonder what's more awkward? Saying "huh?" or responding with something totally unrelated to the question??

-Teachers who have been teaching for a while and know that they're safe from the lay-offs that will be occuring any minute constantly asking if I've "heard" anything about my job.

No. I haven't. Thanks for rubbing it in though!

-Singing Rihanna's "Take a Bow" as loud as you can in the car. It's the PERFECT sing-along.

-Remaining completely oblivious to who Charlie Sheen is, why he is suddenly so popular this week, and how everyone else knows who he is.

-Spring break is only 7 school days away. I.cannot.wait. Cannot.

-Know what else would be awesome? Having a pool to go to whenever I wanted. Too bad that's not something I can list as an actual awesome. Luxuries from Lubbock that I am going to miss like crazy this spring.

Since there weren't any pictures in my post I will leave you with the six most awkward pictures found on my Blackberry:

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