Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day!!

I went to sleep last night with high hopes of a few overnight snowflakes. The weathermen were predicting 8-10 inches... but let's be honest, this is Abilene. I didn't want to get TOO excited about the possibilities because there's nothing more depressing than waking up for work, looking out the window with hopes of icy roads worthy of a late start, and seeing nothing but the same old dry brown grass.

This morning was the best though! I woke up around 4 and looked out the window to a few inches of snow. I went back to sleep for a couple of hours and when I woke up again... school was cancelled!!
snow day!

Snow Day 11

Believe it or not we actually got around 6 inches of snow. It's a miracle!

I never know how I feel about full-fledged snow days. I'm not easily entertained at home. I hate feeling trapped inside and not being able to get out and run errands. My idea of the perfect day off usually includes a lot of errands.

I had big plans for catching up on Tivo'd episodes of Grey's Anatomy and Brothers and Sisters. Of course that didn't happen because I got distracted by household chores (hence the reason why I hate spending my days off at the house). I should probably seek help for my inability to actually relax at home without feeling incredibly guilty about all of the things that "need" to be done around the house. Especially since usually I'm really stretching to think of things that haven't already been done.

But that's a story for another day.

Regardless, it's been a nice day off! Much better than being at school. Summer break will no longer be happening on May 24th... but what's one more day?


bee said...

You got way more snow than we usually ever get here. The Peak takes all the snow and so on the down slope, we get NADA We are very cold though. Last I saw we were already minus 5! BRRR! Hear Pueblo which is about 45 mins. from here is predicted to get to minus 25!

Jenna said...

Whoaaa that is EXTREMELY cold!!!! I'm going to be thankful that it's 10 degrees here today and not in the negatives. Hahaha