Thursday, February 24, 2011

Awkward/Awesome Thursday

-I was really nervous getting on the plane ride from DFW to Lubbock the other day because I wasn't sure who I was going to have to sit next to. This may sound like a silly thing to worry about, but I'm a very inexperienced plane person, and I also don't know how to be rude and ignore someone if they start chatting my ear off. At the same time, I hate conversing with strangers... so what can you do?! Luckily it was an older man who was intent reading his book. It was still really awkward though, because he was larger than me and obviously assumed that he could take up 25% of my seat/floor space and the whole arm rest. Then he fell asleep while reading, jolted awake, and kept breathing out of his mouth. His breath smelled terrible.

-Walking next to a stranger and somehow falling into the same pace. Do you slow down (risking having to get to your destination at a later time)? Speed up (and then having to walk ultra fast to avoid the person catching up with you again)? Stay at the same pace (and hope they don't make small talk)?

-Girls (and I'm talking stylish girls) up North trying to make Duck Boots look cute. Sorry. Ain't gonna happen.

-Speaking of boots, the other day I wore denim shorts with leggings and Uggs. While going through security at the airport, the officer lady said, "That look must be really in style right now. My 5 year old daughter begs to wear the exact same thing!" Uhh... thanks?

-Being a bitter TAKS Test person during the peak of TAKS Test season while being surrounded by overly eager co-workers. 'Nough said.

-Spring break is only 2 and a half weeks away!!!!

-In preparation for summer, I bought new nail polish yesterday! OPI's Aphrodites Pink Nightie. I still don't feel like painting my toe nails just yet though.

-I discovered a new way to make headbands last night! I skipped tap class because making them was so important.

-The freedom that you are given as an adult. I can skip dance class, or whatever I want, because no one can MAKE me go to anything that I don't feel like going to. My pesky conscious has a way of never letting me skip anything anyway, but it's definitely awesome on the rare occasion that it's too exhausted to fight back.

-I never have to think of a title for my posts on Awkward/Awesome Thursdays.

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