Thursday, February 17, 2011

Awkward/Awesome Thursday

-This one has REALLY been an annoyance this week. You know how sometimes when you order a coke with a styrofoam cup and lid, there's too much pressure inside the cup and the lid doesn't fit very well? So then little dribbles of coke keep mysteriously escaping and sliding down the cup, making the cup holders in your car sticky and disgusting? And no matter how many times you try to clean it up and mash down the lid... it.just.keeps.happening? Oh man. Today was like the third day this week that I've had to traipse back out to my car with a Clorox wipe after I get to school to clean up my cup holders.
{I took this in-between coke dribbles, but at least you can see the ill-fitting lid}

-Getting makeup on your black pants and using a napkin from the school cafeteria to try to clean it off, only to realize that the napkin literally fell apart into a million little white pieces creating a white stain the size of a tennis ball. What in the world do they make these napkins out of?!

-Speeding down Pioneer drive every morning trying to beat the two buses that frequently come down the street in the opposite direction and make me stop to wait until every high school student has boarded. I'm not trying to be mean or anything... but let's just say that some of these students cross the street and get on the bus more slowly than any old person I've ever seen because they're having to hold their pants up while they walk.

-Awkwards that are more than 3 sentences long. Sorry.

-Switching between old Saved by the Bell re-runs and Abrams and Bettes on the Weather Channel while I get ready for work every morning.

-This purple pen.
I got one for free when I worked at TTUHSC and have been trying to conserve the beautiful ink for 2 years now. I finally had to break down and order another one even though it cost me $12 with shipping.

-Garage sale stickers. I use them to bribe my students. These children are obsessed. You would think they were college football players collecting pride stickers on their helmets.

-The "hide" option on Facebook's mini-feed. Here lately this feature seems to be most necessary for "hiding" posts by pregnant girls who cannot help but update their statuses 14 times a day with a play-by-play about their pregnancies. I'm sorry... I just don't care THAT much. No offense.


ethan.eckstein said...

Awesome - You for making the pregnant Facebook comment.

Sarah Huffman said...

i'm with you on the pregnant facebook comment. i've been doing the same thing.

bee said...

Those stickers are awesome! It is strange that this is a highly coveted object though. Good for you on hiding DUMB facebook comments. I hide a lot of the same type---Farmville used to drive me batty.

Cait said...

haha awww :) those sticks are so great! i def hide a lot of the same things you do on fb- its too much! great post girl! xo love your blog