Thursday, February 3, 2011

Awkward/Awesome Thursday

-Snow Day #3. I'm losing my mind people.

-Sometimes (when I know that I'm not going to go in public at all) I like to wear my hair in a ballerina-esque bun. I don't typically wear it like this in public because it seems like a weird thing to do. There are certain days that it will twist into the perfect bun on the first try. Other days, I will re-do it 5, 6, 7 times and am still unable to get it right. Even though I know I'm not going to be going out much that day, I still absolutely refuse to give up until I have the perfect bun. It drives me absolutely nuts. Today I literally tried 8 different times before I got it to look somewhat acceptable.

-I almost always cry at some point when I watch an episode of Grey's Anatomy. This will never make sense to me.

-Living on the same street as several of my students. A little while ago I decided to venture out into the front yard and attempt to take my first step on the snow in order to test the slipperiness. I observed my surroundings, saw one of my kids outside a few houses down, and ran back inside. Can't risk busting or being caught wearing sweats by a 10 year old.

-All of the awkwards that have come to mind involve my snow day adventures. How quickly life becomes meaningless when you haven't ventured further than your porch in 72 hours (and counting).

-The Instagram App. I'm sure you've noticed that I'm slightly obsessed. Will I ever use my real camera again?

-Last Friday I had several hours to kill in Lubbock while Chelsea was at work. The weather was so nice that I went running at the park in shorts and a t-shirt. Afterwards I went to Spoonful for a cup of delicious yogurt. Now THAT was the life.
-I was supposed to present at a workshop after school today. Obviously, that workshop has been postponed. This point will remain in the awesome category until that day arrives.

-Spray paint can give anything new life and make strange things look cool. Such as this random wire chicken that now resides in the living room:

-I will end with a tentative awesome: What if school is cancelled again tomorrow??? And we have a 6 day weekend? That would be the BEST. Assuming that I would actually be able to leave my house.

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bee said...

I love your "awesome/awkward" posts. I always get a good laugh. Is this a picture of Kahn? or however Ethan spells it? Glad he has lots of hair. BRR. Hope you get that SIX day wkend.