Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Airport Love

Today is a travel day after a fun weekend spent in Denver. With all of the time that I'm going to have to kill in airports today, you would think that I would create a super exciting blog post. Unfortunately, I've been awake since 4:15 and I'm just too exhausted and frustrated to mess with it. Instead I'll just keep staring out the window at a clear blue sky and our plane, which has been sitting here idly since the original 7:15 departure time. A "part replacement" has caused a three and a half hour delay, which will cause us to miss our connection flight later in the day.

So instead of writing a fun post I'm going to re-read Redeeming Love and try to calm the Type A in me that  is stressed about getting home several hours later than expected and not being able to complete the to-do list that needed to be completed by bed time. Ahhhhh.

See you soon!