Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Playing Pretend

Seriously... you have NO idea how badly I am wanting warm weather to return right now. I see people on TV wearing springy dresses and sandals and I cringe with jealousy. It's wayyy too early to be getting spring fever. I figure if I refuse to buy any more winter items this year, it will surely get warm soon.

It might be cloudy and cold outside, but today I'm going to pretend that I'm wearing this:

{dress: ruche, flower: the limited, sandals: target (these sandals are on sale for $4.54 and you'd better believe I immediately added them to my cart. but then I realized that they only have them in a size 5. if you have a size 5 foot, you are one very lucky person. you're welcome.)}

And that I'm at the beach.

Ohhhh man. To be at the beach. Pure bliss.

No whiny children to be seen. 

Just sand. And ocean. And seashells. And smoothies. And sun-kissed skin. And painted toenails. And cute sunglasses.

This is absolute torture.

I am very thankful to be sitting at this desk, eating cafeteria food, and anticipating an afternoon full of bright smiling students ready to learn. I am also thankful for leggings and Uggs. Amen.

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