Tuesday, January 18, 2011

HOME Stretch

Way back in October I stumbled upon a craft that involved old Reader's Digest condensed books and no-sew jersey ruffles made out of white t-shirts. I immediately knew I wanted to make something similar for the living room so I ordered to sets of condensed books off of Etsy. I made a few ruffles and then stuck everything in the closet where it gathered dust throughout the holidays.

A couple of weeks ago I pulled everything back out and finally got the ruffles finished yesterday. Trust me, this little project is much more time-consuming than it looks!!
These little books now hang above my couch. They're a little different than my usual style but serve as a good conversation piece. I'm happy with how they turned out and even happier to be finished making no-sew ruffles!


bee said...

As usual very cute--- and you are very talented. Love seeing your creations.

Sarah Huffman said...


Drs Meyer said...

Love them! how in in the world do you get them to stay though??? i think i'd be afraid of one falling and bonking my guest on the head during conversation on the couch...