Thursday, January 13, 2011


I think today is a good day for Awkward and Awesome Thursday.

-Buying groceries at United and having to have someone push the cart out to your car for you. It is for this very reason that I have spent the past 7 years shopping at Walmart or HEB. They allow you to take your OWN groceries to your car!
-Going to the donut shop. Whenever I go get donuts before work, everyone in the entire place stares at me while I'm ordering. This is not just in my mind either. Yes rude donut shop customers... I might be small, but I can order two donuts, a pastry, and a croissant just as well as the rest of you. It's called saving them for later!!
-Teachers who walk down the hall saying "SHHHH" as loud as possible over and over and over. I can hear it for miles. All day, every day.
-Boots that fall above the knee. How are you supposed to walk?
-Whenever you're walking in a really crowded place and you think you hear someone yelling your name. You turn around, scan the crowd as quickly as possible for a familiar face and then walk away really fast because you didn't recognize anyone... hoping that you just misunderstood and that you're not completely dissing someone.
-Sneezing multiple times in a row in public so that someone ends up having to say "Bless You" three or four different times.
-Accidentally "liking" strange Facebook statuses because your phone never locks when it says that it's going to.
-My phone also recently posted "UUyyYyUyUYUuUyUjUjjUjJuJuJuJUUJjUJuJUUuJUJjijUiIIUIIuuiuuiUiuUiUIIuUuIUuuuuuuuu" on some random guy's wall that I played flag football with my freshman year and haven't spoken to since.

-Three day weekends!
-Hard-boiled eggs that have COMPLETELY yellow centers (no greyish, greenish ring around the yolk). Mmmm.
-Wearing Under Armour leggings under absolutely everything.
-For our tap dance in the spring show we are going to be bumblebees. And we're dancing to "Baby Got Back." Sung by someone who sounds like a chipmunk. AMAZING.
-Kids who bring me gum during school even though they aren't allowed to chew any.
-The little socks that you can wear with ballet flats and they won't show. I just discovered them!
-The Sims. It neverrrrr gets old, even if you do.
-Freeeeeeee pencils for my classroom! TONS of them! I'll never have to buy pencils again. :)

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