Thursday, January 20, 2011

Awkward/Awesome Thursday

-When you're having a conversation (typing) with someone and they spell a word wrong, and it's necessary to use the word again in your response, and you're not sure if you should misspell the word purposefully so they won't feel bad or if you should spell it the correct way when you say it.
-I tried to make small talk with the checker at the grocery store by asking "How are you?" and the girl responded with: "Not good... it's been a rough week." Not expecting this response, I awkwardly said something like "I'm sorry, that's not good." ... "Yeah, my uncle raised me because my parents died. But my uncle had a stroke on Monday and he's still in the hospital. On top of that I've been scared by myself at home every night." ... "I'm really sorry to hear that." .....????? I don't understand why strangers feel the need to tell me things like this.
-Trying to carry 2 or 3 really heavy things at once while walking a pretty long distance. I always feel like I look like such a struggling loser.
-The drive-through people at the nearby McDonald's AND Grandy's know me by name. Sadder than sad. I go every single morning (only to get a coke but it's still awkward). Hence the reason that I switch between the two. I don't want to look TOO stalkerish.
-Yesterday I bought this flannel shirt online. I got the same shirt in a different color for Christmas and love it I clicked "like" on the web page because I thought I might as well give it a good review and figured it was just called "liking" because that's what you call things these days. Next thing I know, Facebook is telling the world that I like a flannel shirt from Urban Outfitters. Since when does Facebook tell everyone what clothes I buy?
-Duncan Hines decided to burst my bubble and change their chocolate chip muffin mixes to whole grain. Absolutely disgusting. It's been a sad couple of months. BUT earlier this week I found out that HEB sells jumbo normal tasting chocolate chip muffins... and I don't even have to go to the trouble of making them!
-This week. One day was a holiday and two days are workshop days, which only leaves two days of actually coming to school. Granted, workshops are a complete snoozefest, but they sort of remind me of college. I could get used to this.
-I am officially out of time because I want to go home now. I'm partially sad that I didn't get to finish the "awesome" part of the list, but the fact that I finally get to go home is awesome.

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Sarah Huffman said...

1) You always text me back with the correct spelling. And you make comments about my "cute" attempt. Rude.
2) I actually saw that you liked that shirt and thought, "I wonder why she did that." Now I know.

Good job on another successful awkward/awesome Thursday!