Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I love cinnamon rolls. Always and forever. I would eat 15 a day if they wouldn't turn me into a cow. I'm lucky that eating several a week hasn't done so yet. I have 1.5 cinnamon rolls sitting on top of the microwave in my classroom waiting to be re-heated as we speak. They're around 48 hours old now but I don't care.

I'm really behind on blogging and it's stressing me out a little bit.

So I'll just try not to think about it.


texasholls said...

Yum! Are they homemade? Ethan makes great homemade cinnamon rolls.

bee said...

I just sent Ethan the recipe for cinnamon rolls. If he has not lost his touch, you are in for a treat! I use the same recipe, but Ethan's were always soooooo much better than mine. YUM!!!

Jessica said...

Yummmmmm. Just the picture makes me want some. You have a knack for talking about/describing things that inspires and makes whatever you're talking about very attractive - where I immediately want whatever it is! ha Seriously though, I really enjoy reading your blog. :)