Thursday, November 18, 2010

Winter < Everthing else

The wind chill was in the 20s when I got to work this morning. I can only hope that this doesn't have to mean that winter has arrived. I prefer fall over winter x100,000,000.

A) I don't have any cute coats. My North Face jackets really don't look very good with my work clothes, nor are they very warm.

 Why oh why did I choose turquoise? Such a 22-year-old version of me thing to do.

B) I have two nice coats and one semi-nice coat. These are the only three coats that look somewhat good with my work clothes. Apparently the ultra long shirts of today were very much not in style back in 2007 when I bought the coats.

This morning I put on my longest Pea Coat and the ends of my cardigan were hanging below the coat... but only in the front. Even Ethan laughed at me (and let's just be honest, he has no sense of style). I ended up having to tuck the sweater in until I ditched the coat because it was so hideous.

C) The bottom of my right foot has been a strange mixture of dead and alive since 7:45 this morning:

If things don't change soon, I may not have a foot by January.

Sorry if it grosses you out to see a weird picture of the bottom of my foot.

Just trying to keep it real.


texasholls said...

Oh come on Jenna! Ethan has a great sense of style. Shoes held together with duct tape are totally chic. LOL!!!!

bee said...

You foot looks really bad! Sorry you have such a problem with the cold. Must be frustrating. I am with Holly. Ethan knows about all the latest fashions. : )