Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thanks Texas.

I'm not typically a big procrastinator. In fact, I am usually on the extreme opposite end of the spectrum. But for some reason I have REALLY been putting off my defensive driving course that is needed to take care of the very unfortunate choice that I made to speed in a school zone. The court gave me until December 23rd to complete the course, and back in September that sounded like a very long time away. It was still in the 90s outside after all.

I have taken defensive driving once before. I was 16 years old and had only had my license for a month when I pulled out in front of someone on the way to school and totaled my little Camry. On the way out of the house that morning I realized that I didn't know where my Driver's License was. My mom was a little upset with me: "Well, you better not get pulled over because you will get a ticket." So of course I was stressed out. Crying. And the sun was in my eyes. I didn't even see that a little truck was coming at 50 mph when I turned left. My little sister was in the car with me and was probably scarred for life. Luckily everyone was fine, but my parents didn't let me drive again for months seeing as I didn't have a car. I went from being one of the first drivers in my high school class to one of the last. And worse? It turned out that my driver's license had been in the back seat of the car all along.

Mom was nice enough to attend defensive driving with me that time. It took place at a little BBQ joint called Betty Rose's and was extremely boring. Not to mention that we had to take an hour long lunch break and sit at a table with a bunch of total strangers (situations such as this one are extremely awkward for me). It was a very boring day.

Whew, that felt like a long story. All of that to say that I don't like defensive driving.

To avoid a wasted Saturday and a really awkward lunch with strangers I decided to do defensive driving online this time around. I fully intend on completing it 10 minutes at a time over the next 6 weeks.

Why didn't online defensive driving exist when I was 16?!

Yesterday I finally got the drive to enroll in an online course called Comedy Defensive Driving.

This morning I watched the introduction and was introduced to my fellow classmates. They include a hick farmer, a "toker", Bonnie & Clyde, and a ditzy blonde girl. Here's to hoping that they can find a way to make this experience exciting.

...Did my blog title trick you into thinking that I was going to talk about Governor Perry? I just realized that it probably seemed like that. I'm very glad that wasn't the case.

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Sarah Huffman said...

Thats the same online course that i did last year. Pretty lame. I'm pretty sure i just minimized the screen and edited pics/ played on the internet the whole time. The quizzes are no brainers whiched helped me tune it out. Sorry bout that sista. Hopefully the 6 hours will fly by. : )