Monday, November 29, 2010

Thank Goodness for Thanksgiving

Here we are at Monday again after a whirlwind Thanksgiving break. I think I needed at LEAST another week off.

We feasted on turkey on Wednesday and Thursday, but I could still go for some more right about now. I was a little under the weather last week so my appetite wasn't what it usually is. I didn't eat NEAR enough and what a shame that is!

It was pretty chilly on T-giving, but we still managed to wander around the farm and check out all of our old childhood stomping grounds.
We got to see Seth for a very short time before he had to drive back to Dallas for work... Chelsea stayed around for a couple of extra days which was a lot of fun! We were able to do a little shopping and go see "Burlesque," which I highly recommend. Unless you are a guy, in which case I do not recommend it.

The best thing about the Thanksgiving feasts was that I didn't have to cook a single thing myself! I still haven't picked up the love of cooking that the older women in my family seem to have. I guess I'll just keep hoping that someday I would rather be IN the kitchen than out of it.

Although I didn't partake in any of the traditional Thanksgiving cooking, we did have a small portion of Ethan's family over for lunch on Sunday as they were passing through town. I guess I was feeling in the cooking mood on Saturday so I got a pot roast together and decided to try my hand at a couple of buttermilk pies. Needless to say, I spent three hours whipping these little guys together and after an hour in the oven, the buttermilk was still in a milky state. I had taken the recipe from one of my favorite blogs and am still not sure whether the recipe was wrong or if I am just terrible at making pies. It completely ruined my vision of our meal and I'm still not completely over the annoyance. It may be awhile before I try my hand at pie making again!!!

On Saturday I finally allowed myself to decorate the Christmas tree! I had already made three different trips to Hobby Lobby to try to pick out a new ornament color. Last year's bright blues were just not going to cut it in our new living room. I have two huge rubber-maids of all of my old ornaments from the past 5 or so years. I am extremely non-committal when it comes to ornament colors. I bought and took back a couple of different colors before finally settling on silver and white and I couldn't be happier with the final outcome.
My lonely stockings sure make me miss my real fireplace from last year. It was good while it lasted...

P.S. ......... 28 days until Christmas break!!!


bee said...

Lovely tree.

Anonymous said...

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