Friday, November 5, 2010


Last night I decided I had absolutely nothing to wear with my leggings this season. I know I have said this before... but shopping options in Abilene are VERY limited. I had spotted some cute shirts at The Buckle a couple of weeks ago, so to The Buckle I went.

Back in the day I had a bad experience at The Buckle due to their crazy commission working salespeople. I don't like strange people to be all up in my business while I'm trying to shop or try something on. IIIII will decide which shirt I like best, thankyouverymuch. I couldn't handle the awkwardness (yes I know you aren't surprised) so I stopped shopping there.

A few months ago I heard that the store had a salesperson makeover and that they were no longer as pushy. I'm a nice person, so I gave them another shot. It was actually a pretty pleasant experience! I've gone back several times since then.

Last night I walked in with one style of shirt on my mind... no help needed. Immediately one of the sales girls noticed the jeans I had on. "Omg I HAVE to show you the new Sevens that we got in today!!" She ran and grabbed a pair and brought them over. They were very cute but I let her know that I had just bought a new pair of jeans a couple of weeks ago. Doesn't she realize that I only buy like one pair of jeans per year? Doesn't everyone? I decided to be a nice person and make small-talk so I let her know that I was really just looking for a cute, long shirt.

After that the Peppy Sales Girl left me alone, seeming a little disappointed that I didn't want to buy a $200 pair of jeans on a whim.

Fast forward about 10 minutes. I'm looking around without much luck. Finally I find a shirt that should do the trick. About that time, here comes Peppy Sales Girl carrying five different outfit choices. Little half mannequins dressed in four layers of shirts topped off with sweaters, belts, and jewelry. "We've put together a few outfit choices for you! These will look great with jegs!" I was very caught off-guard. Many thoughts were flying through my head...
These outfit choices really aren't my style...
That belt looks like a biker babe...
Did they go to all this trouble to put these outfits together just for me?!?!?...
How in the WORLD am I going to get out of this??...

So I did what I usually do in this sort of situation. Nodded, smiled, and politely said I would try on the clothes. Poor Ethan left the store at that point. I went into the dressing room and looked miserably at all of the outfits. All I wanted to try on was the ONE shirt that I had picked out MYSELF. I carefully took apart the outfits they had created piece by piece and tried on only one piece from each. All the while Peppy Sales Girl was bringing me more and more things.

How's it going in there?!
Don't you just love the brown striped sweater?
The tan sweater will probably be too long on you, but try it on anyway!
Oh... I thought you might want to at least try on the new Seven jeans that I showed you. You will probably need to get them hemmed though!
Here are two pairs of jegs... that way you can actually see how the long shirts will look in real life.

I tried on a few of the things and ruffled the rest so it would look like I did. I spent a few minutes just standing there. I didn't want to come out after 2 seconds and be TOO obvious that I didn't actually try on 60% of the things she brought me.

After a few minutes I quietly emerged from the dressing room, carrying only the shirt that I had originally picked out for myself. I went to the checkout counter and the guy looked at the shirt I was holding, smirked, and said he was going to go see if Peppy Sales Girl wanted to check me out. She didn't. Guess my one little shirt wasn't worth her commission.

I left feeling a little offended and extremely exhausted. Thanks Peppy Sales Girl.

I won't be going back there for a while.

And that's unfortunate... because truth being said, I really did kind of like those Seven jeans. :)


bee said...

I would have liked to see Ethan roll his eyes. He just left you to fend for yourself? Just like him. hahaha Wow What an experience. Believe it or not Tammy used to work at the Buckle in York. That was NOT her favorite job.

Jessica said...

hahahahahahaha man, i'm laughing so hard right now. You nailed the personality of the Buckle. I do love their clothes, but unfortunately, I'm with you on not caring for their aggressive style.