Monday, November 1, 2010

...LESS Cowbell Please

What is with high school football fans and cowbells? We counted around five of them at the packed-out stadium on Friday night. One of them just happened to be sitting directly in front of us. And ohhh, she was PROUD of that cowbell! No play could be spared. 

I really must know what sort of personality type these cowbell ringers have. You would definitely have to be someone who craves attention and does not mind annoying everyone around you. 

What is the point of the relentless ringing, anyway? Can the players hear these cowbells? 


We won't go into the final score of the game. Nor will we go into the score of the game of my other team. Instead, we will just be glad that this weekend in football is over.

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Sarah Huffman said...

The only good score came from Baylor of all schools.